Vintage photo of 1914 Brinton Reunion in Pennsylvania
The 1914 Brinton Reunion was well attended, and many of the attendees are captured in the photo above. Note the automobiles at upper left.

Brinton Genealogy

The Brintons are one of only a few families in Pennsylvania that can trace their roots back to the founding of the colony of Pennsylvania. The Brintons have kept accurate genealogy records dating back to William Brinton, Sr. who fled religious persecution in England in the late 1600s.

Prior to the internet age, the Brintons kept careful genealogy records on paper, which eventually were published in a green-covered hardback book. Many Brintons purchased this book, which shows the progression of Brintons down through the decades.

Today Brinton genealogy records are also being stored on computer software that can be viewed at the Brinton 1704 House. With the simple click of a mouse, the software shows relationships between Brintons today and in the past.

Genealogy is still one of the most important goals of the Brinton Association of America, the organization that owns, preserves and promotes the Brinton 1704 House. The Brintons welcome suggestions or inquiries about genealogy.

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